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A & C Cars are a fully licensed and Insured Taxi operator. We take the safety of our customers seriously and to that end have issued a few guidelines to anyone taking a private hire vehicle anywhere.

Firstly, whatever company you choose make sure they are Licensed with their Local Authority. Any vehicles you hire should be displaying a current and numbered plate or badge and the driver of the vehicle will also have a valid photo ID badge both issued and showing the local authority they work in.

Private Hire sometimes also known as minicabs are vehicles who should be licensed by a local authority and display its licenes plate. In the case of A & C Cars all drivers will have a valid photo ID badge and a fare chart showing upto date prices and have a meter fitted. These vehicles cannot be hailed in the street and must be pre-booked with the operating company beforehand.


Always check that any Taxi you hire has a valid license plate displayed, make a note of the number before you get in. Takes just a few moments.

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